HV Pad Mounted Transformer

Summary Plan

With the growing neededof electrical energy and lack of necessary capacities of Distribution MV networks, it is feeling to use HV PMTs more than before.

Construction of this kind of equipment is so expensive and non-economic because of the very large space required and high costs of lands.

So, according to KTI experiences in power network and PMTs and cooperation with the best consultants of Iran

We designed and produced HV PMTs with new technology of Pad Mounted transformers.

Design features


minimum area for installing


Minimizing the maintenance


Quick and easy utilization


Remove electromagnetic fields (electric field is zero around this equipment.)


Reduce the costs of construction


Compatible with urban arrangement


Flexibility in design according to customer request

Characteristics of HV PMT

  • Transformer includes one set of incoming bushings equipped by three CTs & protective relays, according to HV/MV transformer standards
  • Using VFI Interrupter equipped with Hi-Tech relays & protections in MV side
  • MV pad mounted switchgear equipped by an incoming load break switch and three VFI Interrupter including PT and CT.

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